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Crysis Beta MP Demo pro všechny!

Z. Obermaier
1. 10. 2007 22:00 38 Sdílej:

Právě teď máte jedinečnou možnost zdrama získat klíč na veřejnou Betaverzi Multi-playerového dema. Tak neváhejte, nikdo neví kdy klíče dojdou.


Hra Crysis je už nyní fenomén a vy dnes máte jedinečnou možnost si ji zkusit na vlastní kůži - a zdarma! Právě dnes uvolnili FilePlanet milion klíčů pro hru v Beta3 Multiplayeru! Stačí se jen zaregistrovat na stránce a můžete ihned začít stahovat klienta!

Servery jsou ale šíleně přetížené a proto budete asi hodně dlouho čekat, než se na vás dostane ve stahovací frontě řada. Ale kdo si počká, ten se dočká tak neváhejte a "utíkejte" si pro svůj vlastní klíč!

POZOR Kolem 14:00 byly všechny klíče udány a už není možnost jej sehnat!

Dnes 3.10 ráno je opět několik tisíc klíčů k dispozici, proto spěchejte tam a berte, dokud jsou!

Pro ty co klíč mají, a stihli to krátký návod jak hru spustit:

  • 1. Pokud jste správně postupovali, tak vám přišel klíč mailem a objevil se i na stránce webu FilePlanet.
  • 2. Stáhněte klienta Beta3 (je jedno jestli z FilePlanet, torrentu, nebo odjinud - je to legální).
  • Nainstalujte klienta pomocí vašeho klíče.
  • Spusťte hru - opět budete potřebovat váš klíč.
  • Dejte MultiPlayer a vytvořte si účet na CryServeru ... hra vás k tomu sama vybídne.
  • Najděte si server a hrajte ...

Pro zajímavost tohle všechno bylo konkrétně opraveno proti Beta 2 verzi, impozantní seznam že?

4. Patch #2 change log:
Crash fixes and Stability
- Fixed a disconnect with the error message, "Failed Reconfigureobject 1"
- Fixed a disconnect from server: Failed reading current value for aspect Physics on object 891:3
- Fixed clients can get disconnected from a server with an error message: Failed reading current value for aspect Physics on object 827:11.
- Fixed all clients timing out loading into the next round with the message, "Remote Disconnected: Timeout occurred; "no packet for 49.5 seconds."
- Fixed if the player alt+tabs to the desktop without pausing the game they have no control of the cursor and the windows key does not function.
- Fixes for inactivity timeouts - should fix the zombie connections we're seeing in the beta, and it's a partial fix for client hanging at the loading screen while connecting to a Multiplayer release 2 server
- Fixed a crash where freezing crate palette then attempting to destroy it by meleeing with MOAR causes critical exception to occur
- Fixed crash on game restart if two players are in a bought vehicle
- Fixed a potential infinite loop in particle system
Various performance tweaks
Gameplay tweaks and features
- Improved chat users sorting
- Added lobby scoreboard sorting
- Added g_teamlock cvar: Locks a team if it has more players than the other teams, enforcing new players to join the team with the least players, and disallowing players to switch away from outnumbered teams. This should help reduce team stacking. Default difference is 2 players.
- Added some flood protection to team changing errors
- Replace end game conditions from frag tally to HQ damage. Teams doing the most HQ damage will now win.
- Limiting MP APC ammo max count to 150 from 300
- Reduced MP APC cannon damage from 200 to 100
- Increased auto-turret rocket damage to 300 (in line with the LAW, TOW missile and Tank shell)
- Reduced Gauss tank cost by 50 (now 600)
- Reduced Tank costs by 50 (now 400, 450 and 600 respectively)
- Reduced APC costs by 50 (now 350, Amph. APC is 450)
- Reduced AAA cost by 50 (now 200)
- Reduced hovercraft cost by 50 (now 100)
- Reduced Spawn truck by 50 (now 300)
- Increased Frag grenade cost by 5 to 25P
- Grenades now have a slightly bigger radius
- Buffed shotgun damage per pellet slightly (both fire modes)
- Buffed FY71 damage slightly
- Increased SOCOM damage very slightly
- Rebalanced APC (2 LAW hits or 2 tank shells)
- Rebalanced Asian tank (3 LAW hits or 3 tank)
- Rebalanced US tank (4 LAW hits or 4 tank shells
- Rebalanced AAA (2 LAW hit or 2 tank hit)
- Reduced C4 explosion radius to prevent armored vehicles being totally destroyed 15+ meters away
- Increased min radius of AVMine explosions
- Significantly increased AVMine damage (Only tanks should be able to survive one AVMine and will be severely damaged)
- US and Asian tanks are now de-tracked when moving forward over a mine but severely damaged reversing over one
- Increased tire collision damage
- APC TOW missiles are now comparable to Tank rounds or a LAW shot (300 damage)
- Reduced overheat time on Vehicle Shi-ten to match regular Shi-ten mounts
- Asian LTV and US LTV are now more vulnerable to Gauss rifle shots (2-3 to engine)
- Fixed US LTV having more HP in each tire than the Asian LTV
- Increased Civcar hull armor slightly, reduced Frag grenade multiplier to hull and Engine (Frags don't 1 shot CivCars now but do destroy tires)
Reduced Truck tire health slightly to be damageable with Frags and claymores
- Gave truck fuel tanks slightly more resistance to grenades that are detonated more than 5 meters away
Fixed issue where truck could sometimes resist 2 LAW shots or 2 tank rounds
- Reduced Asian patrol boat vulnerability to rockets slightly, now 3 instead of 2.
- Added additional accuracy to players who prone or are in strength mode that was erroneously missing to all weapons.
- Added network cable connectivity detection
- Tweaked gauss rifle trail appearance
- Increased US spawn vehicle abandon timer (wasn?t using correct archetypes)
- Reduced TACTank projectile max_radius by 40m (should reduce players being killed while attacking enemy HQ TACLAuncher range <Explosion damage range)
- Reduced TACGun projectile max_radius by 50m (should reduce players being killed while attacking enemy HQ TACLAuncher range <Explosion damage range)
- Added voice over for endgame weapon/alien weapon availability
- Fixed issue where mouse cursor would not be visible after loading without a profile selected.
- Increased LAW cost to 200
- Disabled LAW lock on
- Mouse sensitivity range increased for better support for high DPI mice
Level changes
- Added additional occlusion from the heavy vehicle factory over the prototype to increase performance around it
- Added some vegetation to the hill near the alien energy site
- Added some additional cover to the alien energy site
- Added additional cover to the rear of the prototype facility
- Added some additional cover to the railings at the rear of the prototype facility
- Re-worked river area and cleaned up some cover around the banks
- Fixed a number of exploit positions for firing the TAC at the NK base outside the prototype factory
- Updated terrain compression quality to reduce odd green and pink blobs
- Some sound updates
- Some additional collision fixes
- Tweaked a few areas where players could get stuck
- All doors should now open relative to the player (so you don?t get hit in the face by them anymore)
Bug fixes
- Fixed local player name appearing while driving a vehicle in first person
- Fixed a small part of 3rdPerson model clipping through the view when changing stances Crouch->Combat->Prone quickly.
- Fixed LTV?s floating in deep water, causing them to bounce and spin erratically.
- Using some alternate key bindings when in a boat can cause the controls to function incorrectly when map is opened
- Fixed tank cannons being able to get stuck in walls and other objects
- Fixed armored vehicles being destroyed by swing the turret of a tank at them
- Fixed player being able to drive the LTV underwater
Created player distance checker even when player is dead. - Fixes tank turret direction on clients being incorrect sometimes
- Fixed kill log messages sometimes displaying Civ_carl instead of Civ_car
- Fixed players being able to freeze and shatter their own turrets
- Fixed players not getting credit for shatter-kills
- Fixed players clipping into the ground when exiting vehicles in 3rd person camera view
- Fixed account name not set as player's name in internet games
- Fixed joining a game the player ID will be the current active profile however after map rotation it will default to the internet Log in ID
- Fixed shells from tanks and APC?s leaving behind a streak of light
- Fixed vehicles setting passenger health directly, instead of creating a hit (fixes an issue where on rare occasions players will not be able to respawn after being killed in a vehicle collision)
- Fixed incorrect texture assignments to modified turrets on tanks (Gausstank, TAC and Singularity tank)
- Fixed player receiving no damage from exploding hovercraft
- Fixed wrong ammo pickup names displayed on occasion
- Fixed general bug in hit handling, allowing new hits to be processed while another one is processing
- Fixed players not getting credit for shatters on occasion
- Fixed players not hearing everyone with VOIP sometimes
- Fixed bug where if the maximum capacity of players have spawned inside reinforcement truck, any additional players attempting to spawn in the truck outside of the vehicle will be killed
- Fixed light tank controls as if it has engine damage after being repaired.
- Fixed tanks not being able to shoot anyone closer than 30m (minimum pitch of tank barrels lowered to allow closer targets to be engaged.)
- Fixed the player jumping higher using the Double spacebar shortcut (sprint strength jump) than pressing Shift plus jump (Spacebar).
- Fixed LAW splash damage killing players inside buildings when being shot at from outside
- Fixed some score synch problems when cycling maps
- Fixed respawn cycle name list showing alive players
- Fixed players being able to select a spawn truck as their spawn truck, if an already excessive numbers of players had it selected
- Fixed repeated DiveIn/DiveOut sounds played when proning in knee-deep water.
- Removed animation dependent head location while proning, hard coded to 0.4m above ground. This might still occur for other stances if you place the water level exactly around the reference point of the head, but that's less likely.
- Fixed when player goes prone, presses 'Ctrl' key to crouch, and releases 'Ctrl' key to return to prone position the player's lower torso clips through player perspective
- Fixed issue where players could hide inside factories during vehicle production because kill area was sphere based not area based.
- Added slight tweaks to the spawn point selection code to help prevent players spawning in ceilings if all points are erroneously active)
- Fixed reload-end latency/timing issue on client/server
- Fixed issue when creating a multiplayer account the game will prompt the user to input a password even though the next line is input an email
- Fixed the add to buddies button does not function in the "Find Player" window of the MP menu of the shell.
- Fixed issue where the tank tread will often be moving while the treaded vehicle remains in place.
- Fixed issue where dramatic music played when there is a TAC vehicle does not stop when the vehicle is destroyed.
- Fixed issue where the players hands are not positioned accurately on the steering wheel driving the Speedboat. (slight tweak to player position - first person hands match better).
- Fixed issue where the lower half of the player character exits vehicles before the upper half (not blending view in or out of vehicles)
- Fixed players detonating friendly claymores when driving over them.
- Fixed issue where in 3rd person view inside a vehicle and using a vehicle mounted weapon, the player can shoot objects in the foreground behind them if the target reticule passes over an object.
- Fixed issue where firing the main gun of the singularity tank point blank into a wall will cause the fire to bounce and fly in the opposite direction.
- Fixed chat arrows not working
- Fixed chat group expand arrows not functioning in the online chat room
- Fixed issue where some boids such as frogs or crabs would rain from the sky.
- Fixed going into windowed mode, selecting another program (or desktop) and then going back to fullscreen mode will cause the game to go to an irreversible black windowed screen.
- Fixed when holding down the forward button while entering a vehicle, the vehicle will not move forward. when the forward button is released the vehicle will move backwards
- Fixed an issue where dedicated servers will not show up on the clients internet lobby or local lobby sometimes
Fixed an issue with driving CivTrucks and light vehicles through shallow water causes them to flip over easily.
- Fixed exploit where spectator could see NK team's prestige points
- Fixed turret sounds looping indefinitely
Improved server reporting in the browser screen (more accurate figures)
- Fixed some memory leaks in game related to Gamespy
Optimized turrets are taking a lot of CPU time on servers
- Fixed a number of memory leak fixes in CryNetwork
- Fixed weapon sounds continuing to play briefly if switching from full auto to single shot modes whilst firing
- Fixed scr1p7 error preventing the item limit message from showing
- Fixed missing voice over for lost alien site
- Fixed MP APC cannon not killing players without a direct hit. Explosion radius is now used.
- Fixed resetting HUD on mp game restart sometimes not fully resetting
- Fixed MOAR not going through some railings
- Fixed flickering of the loading bar
- Fixed double-tap strength jumping not draining energy sometimes
- Fixed AAA ammo limit (AAA had infinite ammo)
- Fixed players using their own vehicle as cover from auto-turrets by repairing them. Turrets can now out damage repairing.
- Fixed no damage indicator being visible while zoomed
- Fixed laser LAM being visible on the opposite side of structures.
- Fixed users seeing a very large dot on the screen when another player points a laser LAM at them
- Fixed issue where a player places C4 on a glass surface, the C4 breaks the surface and remains floating in midair.
- Fixed issue where C4 explosives stick to weapons and are offset on players HUD if said weapon is picked up
- Fixed when executing a punch, the player's shadow animation does not match first person melee animation
- Fixed server display info for non-responding servers
- Fixed hovercrafts that spawn in the water next to the US base will start to gradually sink to the ocean bottom.
- Fixed holding directional controls while scrolling through spectator views results in spectator camera moving on it's own.
- Fixed when riding in the cabin of an APC, player can see the tread of the vehicle and debris clip through the APC's interior.
- Fixed missing AVMine damage type in AVExplosive.xml (vehicles were not being applied with AVMine damage but explosives)
- Fixed when executing a punch, the player's shadow animation does not match first person melee animation
- Fixed if an enemy is killed while on a hill/slope, the body slides down, but blood begins to pool where the body was initially lying
- Fixed upper body disappearing in game mode
- Fixed upper-body disappearing in spectator mode
- Fixed frag grenades not destroying tires.
- Fixed player being seen as reloading infinitely when switching weapons during Shotgun reload animations.
- Fixed min-radius for APC, AAA and Tank rounds being incorrectly calculated
- Fixed min-radius for C4, Frag grenades, LAW, SCAR grenade, Claymore, AVMine and TAC being incorrectly calculated
- Fixed players not being able to buy extra TAC shells around the prototype factory
- Fixed players not being able to add TAC grenades to loadouts
- Fixed garage doors closing too fast sometimes
- Fixed C4 doing no partial damage to vehicles with tires.
- Fixed issue where tank does not receive damage when the TAC shell it shoots explodes in close proximity
Fixed issue where menu sound is still audible when game is minimized


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